Web Services

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Website design and build

Based near Reading in Berkshire and increasingly in Alsace, I deal mainly with local clients, as meeting them face to face (even with the advanced methods of communication available) is still the best way to find out what you need.

I specialise in delivering a whole package to small and medium users, who know what they want but prefer to let somebody else worry about the oily bits.


I'm a firm believer that any website should be fit for purpose - specifically it should be no more complex than it need be. For a basic "shop window" site with basic information, contact details etc. a "manually" built site has many advantages: quick to load, reliable and more secure than database driven sites.

Likewise, with a Content Management System like Wordpress, it is easy to go overboard with features - adding to the complexity just opens you up to slower loading pages - unless you spring for expensive, high bandwidth hosting.

In short, I will work with you to build a site you need, as apposed to what somebody wants to sell you.

Google Sites and CMS updating

If you have or inherited a Google Site or other CMS system and need it updating, I'll be happy to take on that for you. There a lot of sites out there that need a little TLC.


My passion is portraiture and have been involved in a couple of exhibitions to that end - capturing an individual - or even a pet - as people recognise them (and sometimes the opposite) is what drives my photography. You can see more here.

To find out how I can help you, please get in touch .