Pasteurs en Chaire, Pasteurs en Chair

PEC_MarcSQConceived from a series of ideas and conversations with my wife, Rita, Pasteurs en Chaire has been organised for Protestants en Fête - a countrywide gathering of French protestants that takes place every four years. As this year, it takes place in Paris we felt it an ideal opportunity to realise some of these ideas.

The concept is to show pasteurs in their chaire (pulpit) and also en chair - effectively away from their "day job" and engaging in something they have a passion for.

As somebody who has no religious conviction, the mystique of ministers is something that intrigues me - partly because of my previous lack contact with them, partly because of the way they are portrayed in the media. It should be pointed out, however, that French protestant pasteur (normally) differs from a catholic or anglican minister in that they only wear the offices of their ministry during a church service.

It was an enlightening experience- pasteurs, despite the other worldliness portrayed by some are normal people - and all the ones I met and photographed have strong personalities and a good sense of humour, which is borne out by the capture of some wonderful expressions.

The exhibition ran at Eglise saint Paul in late September 2013 and was a surprise hit with the visitors. So much so, we had requests to stage it elsewhere. As a result, we have extended the exhibition from 5 pasteurs to 7 and staged it in Paris, Strasbourg and Saverne - and are currently in negotiations to exhibit again in Alsace this summer.

You can find out more at pecexpo.com

12 stations pour un chemin de foi

12 stations afficheSimon is privileged to be part of an exhibition (with 3 other photographers) taking place in central Paris this summer, entitled "12 stations pour un chemin de foi" organised by the Mission Intérieure (part of the French Protestant Church) and takes the theme of 12 Metro stations with biblical or religious associations.

The project posed an interesting challenge for both the organisers and Simon alike as he took an "outsider's" view of bible interpretation, having no particular religious leaning (although his wife is a student of theology!) and proved to be an exciting challenge.

The initial exhibition ran from the 6th July to 31st August 2012, in Cloître des Billettes - a beautiful cloister a stone's throw from the Hotel de Ville

The pictures were also on tour in 2013 throughout France.

You can visit the exhibition website here.
(in French)