About Simon

Whilst always having an interest in things technical, I was rather late to computers and web design in general, which far from being a disadvantage means I tend to take a more balanced "real world" view of what works and what doesn't balancing the demands of design and usability. I now have over 15 years experience in building websites, which I initially did on a part time basis for friends and family. However, due to mounting pressure, I was forced to devote more time to it.

The photography however, started much earlier, with the gift of an Olympus OM1 for my 18th birthday. It has remained nominally a hobby (save for demands for wedding photos with menaces from friends) but have increasingly moved into the professional sphere, contributing to corporate calendars and other projects, even a couple of exhibitions.

My work ethic is pretty uncomplicated: Treat your clients as you want to be treated, charge a fair rate for your work, don't take on work you can't do or make promises you can't keep and if your client wants something that will not work, for whatever reason, tell them.

All this means that I'll talk to you in plain English. Sometimes with a brutal honesty but that's the benefit of being an old curmudgeon...

I'm married to Rita and spend my time in Alsace, with our Guinea pigs.